Event: Appointment/consecration/elevation/ordination of king, Army-raising, Battle, Flight, Invasion, Killing/murder, Kingdom - accession to, Seizure of landÆlle 3.ungodly behaviour

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Description Osberht 6 was succeeded by Ælle 3, who made good promises to the holy confessor [Cuthbert 1] but acted badly. For he stole from him [i.e. from the church of St Cuthbert's 1] Billingham and Cliffe and Wycliffe and Crayke. And this ignited the wrath of God and of the holy confessor [Cuthbert 1] against him. For Ubba 5, duke of the Frisians, entered his kingdom with a great army of Danes and approached the city of York on Palm Sunday. When the news reached Ælle 3 who, out of hatred for St Cuthbert 1, was staying at Crayke, he rose up with great arrogance, gathered an army with his brother Osberht 6, and rushed upon the enemy; but soon, terrified by the wrath of God and St Cuthbert 1, [his] army having been struck down, he fled, and fell, and lost life and kingdom.
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