Event: Miracle, Praying, Relics-incorrupt preservation/placing in reliquary/requesting/translating, Residence, Theft/attempted theftAldred 1.attempt to steal relics of Acca 3

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Description A brother of the church of Hexham by the name of Aldred 1 related that when he was an adolescent and was living in the house of his brother [Anonymous 10136], a priest, he was once asked by his brother to keep an eye on some relics of St Acca 3 which he had wrapped in a cloth and laid on the altar of St Michael in the southern porch of the church. Then it appeared to Aldred 1 that a certain church [presumably Durham] would be greatly enriched by these bones. So, after prostrating himself on the ground and praying the seven penitential psalms, he entered the porch with the intention of taking them away. Suddenly he felt heat as of fire which thrust him back in great trepidation. Thinking that he had approached with insufficient reverence and preparation, he again prostrated himself and poured forth still more ardent prayers to the Lord. But on approaching a second time he felt a still fiercer heat opposing him. Realizing that his intention was not in accordance with the will of God, he withdrew.
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