Event: Burial, Death/dying, Journey, PilgrimageWillibald 4.journey to Rome

Scholarly Info
Description Willibald 4, his father (Anonymous 293) and brother (Wynnebald 1) set out on the journey. They took with them money and a band of friends and came to a place called Hambelmouth, near the port of Hamwih. They sailed and riched the banks of the river Seine. They encamped near Rouen and visited the shrines of the saints which were on their way. Then they came to Gorthonicum and pursuing their journey they came to Lucca, where Willibald 4's father died. After burying their father, the two brothers continued their journey and finally reached Rome.
Year Range 721 - ?
Primary Source Info
Date from Source They left towards the end of the summer after Willibald 4's discussion with his father.


*@Soldiers of Christ, p. 149, n. 6, it is suggested that Gorthonicum might be Cortina, in northern Italy.

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