Event: Arrest, Eating, Freeing captives, Imprisonment, JourneyWillibald 4-others.arrest

Scholarly Info
Description Almost at once Willibald 4 and his seven companions (Anonymi 744) were arrested by the Saracens. They were held as captives. The Saracens did not know to which nation they belonged and they took them to a certain old reach man to find out where they came from. Then they left him and went to court to ask permission to go to Jerusalem, but the governor put them in prison as he thought they were spies. A merchant, who wished to redeem them, sent them dinner and supper and took them to church every Sunday. Then a man from Spain, who had his brother at the king's court came. He spoke to them and when the king heard all the details about their case, he allowed them to depart and go on their way.
Primary Source Info
Date from Source While in Syria, more than one year after Willibald 4 had started his journey from Rome.

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