Event: Arrest, Journey, ResidenceWillibald 4-others.journey from Jerusalem to Costantinople and Italy

Scholarly Info
Description They went to Sebaste, Ptolomaeis and Tyre for the second time, where they were arrested and soon released. Afterwards they sailed for the whole of the winter and landed at Constantinople. Willibald 4 stayed there for two years, then went to Nicaea and returned to Constantinople. After two years he set sail from there and went to Syracuse. Thence they came to Catania, Reggio Calabria and the island of Volcano. After seeing the terrible burning fire of the volcano, they went to Lipari, Naples, Capua, Teano and the monastery of Monte Cassino.
Primary Source Info
Date from Source Willibald 4 left after having been to Jerusalem for the fourth time. He reached Monte Cassino seven years since he first began his journey from Rome and ten years after he had left his native country.

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