Event: Journey, ResidenceWillibald 4.journey to Frankish people

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Description Following the Gregory 3's request, Willibald 4 started his journey. He first went to Lucca, then to Pavia, Brescia and Garda. Then, he went to Duke Odilo 1 and stayed with him a week. Thence he went to Suitgar 1, with whom he aslo stayed a week. Then Willibald 4 and Suitgar 1 went to Linthard, where Boniface 5 was. The latter sent them to Eichstätt to see how they liked the place. They both stayed there for some time to explore the ground and choose a suitable site for a house. Then they went to Boniface 5 at Freising and stayed with him until they went all again to Eichstätt.
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