Event: Appointment/consecration/elevation/ordination of bishop, Invitation, VisitBoniface 5.episcopal consecration of Willibald 4

Scholarly Info
Description Boniface 5 invited Willibald 4 to Thuringia. There Willibald 4 stayed in his brother's (Wynnebald 1) house, whom he had not seen for the past eight and a half years. Boniface 5, Burchard 1 and Wizo 1 consecrated Willibald 4 and vested him with the sacred authority of the episcopate.
Primary Source Info
Date from Source one year after Willibald 4 had been consecrated priest. He came to Thuringia in the season of autumn. He was consecrated bishop about 3 weeks before the feast of St Martin (11 november)

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