Event: Dreaming/seeing vision/revelation, ProphecyEdwin 2.vision of messenger predicting his future

Scholarly Info
Description Edwin 2 had a vision of a messenger who predicted that God would save him from his enemy and that he would have an empire circumscribed only by the waves.
Primary Source Info
Original Text ... imperium latum tibi terminat undis ...


*@Godman 1982, p. 13, notes to lines 92-3ff. states: 'In what follows Alcuin departs from Bede's narrative in two chief respects: he omits Aethelfrith's attempts to have Edwin assassinated (HE ii. 12) and he places the account of Edwin's imperium, marriage and reception of Paulinus (HE ii. 9 [= vv. 131ff.] after the vision described at HE ii. 12 [= vv. 90-119]. The entire events of Edwin's reign are made to proceed from this prophetic vision.'

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