Event: Education/teaching, Monastic life, converting to/joining/oblationWilgils 2.giving of Willibrord 1 to brothers of Ripon (Anonymi 1136)

Scholarly Info
Description As soon as the infant [sc. Willibrord 1] had been weaned, his father [sc. Wilgils 2] handed him to the brethren of the church of Ripon (Anonymi 1136 13) to be taught in religious studies and sacred letters.
Primary Source Info
Original Text ... tradidit eum pater Hrypensis ecclesiae fratribus relegiosis studiis et sacris litteris erudiendum ...
Date from Source As soon as Willibrord 1 had been weaned


*It should be noted that oblates were normally given to a monastery at the age of seven. Thus technically this may not have been an act of oblation.

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