Event: Appointment/consecration/elevation/ordination of archbishopSergius 1.consecration of Willibrord 1 as archbishop

Scholarly Info
Description On the appointed day [Sergius 1] consecrated [Willibrord 1] as archbishop.
Year 695
Primary Source Info
Original Text ... eum ordinauit archiepiscopum ...


*One manuscript has the superscript addition that the consecration took place on 10 kalends of December [= 22 November]. Bede reports the consecration as taking place on 22 November 696. Both the Calendar of Willibrord 1 and a sacramentary of Epternach (Paris MS 9433, fol. 163), however, give the date as 21 November, the former noting it as taking place in the year 695. The likely date is 21 November 695, which was a Sunday.

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