Event: Charter-witnessing, Grant and GiftS180 - Cenwulf 3 granting privileges to Deneberht 1 for several Worcester estates

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Description Cenwulf 3, king of the Mercians, to Deneberht 1, bishop, and his clergy at Worcester 1; grant of privileges for land at Whittington, Spetchley and Tolladine in North Claines, for 30 hides (manentes) at Weogorena-leage (Hallow), and for 25 hides at Chaddesley Corbett, Worcs., in return for 14 hides at Sture
Year 816
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Date from Source 816


… I, King Cenwulf 3, who hold sway over the Mercians, on the advice and with the consent of my proceres and praetores whose names clearly stand below, have determined to compose for my illustrious and appointed prelate, Deneberht 1 to wit, and for his chosen congregation of the church of Worcester, the following privilege – grant of freedom and military service in connection with these territories; i.e. etc. clearly marked by most conspicuous boundaries, and again on the west of the Severn there is land in the ley, or cleared meadow land of Worcester, 30 hides, visibly bounded on all sides, and in particular, [part] of Mosley, [land] in Buttingwick, and then [land] on the Laugherne [and] from there to Hallow, that extends behind it to the Teme. I have also written down that land as free from all other secular dues and onerous services, great and small, known and unknown, except only for these three services – fort construction, bridge construction, and military service – and [free] from pasturage of the king and principes and of their subordinates. I have thus written down as free with the same privilege-grant of freedom, in respect of fields, woods, and in every way. And if a wicked man is caught three times in open crime, let him be delivered to the vicus regis. On account of this, to wit, the said freedom, the bishop and his establishment have handed over to me 14 hides in 2 manors at the placed that is called Stour. This donation has been completed in the 816 AD in the ninth indiction and in the 20th year of our reign granted by God. …

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