Event: Charter-witnessing, Property-exchanging, Property-giving/selling, Property-transactingS190 - Wiglaf 1 exchanging with Hanbury

Scholarly Info
Description Wiglaf 1, king of the Mercians, to the minster at Hanbury Minster, Worcs.; grant of privileges in return for the surrender to the king of 20 hides at Iddeshale (? Idsall, Salop.), land at Hæccaham (? Hanbury, Worcs.), 10 hides at Felda by Weoduman (? in Beanhall in Feckenham, Worcs.), and in return for the grant of 10 hides at Crowle, Worcs., to Mucel 4 (ealdorman), son of Esne, and a gift of 600 shillings in gold to Ealdorman Sigered 5.
Year 836
Primary Source Info
Date from Source 836

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