Event: Military strategy, WarAnonymi 106.division into two parts (Anonymi 108 and Anonymi 112)

Scholarly Info
Description The army (Anonymi 106) divided into two bands (Anonymi 108 and Anonymi 112).
Year 885
Primary Source Info
Original Text ... exercitus in duas se turmas diuisit ...
Date from Source 884 (the thirty-sixth [year] of the life of Alfred 8).


*@Keynes and Lapidge 1983, p. 86, give the date as '[885]' and on p. 251 n. 123, note: 'Emended from 884: Asser, or his copyist, wrote '884', but then proceeded to give the events of 885. The annal for 884 in the Chronicle ... is thus accidentally omitted.'

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