Event: Charter-witnessing, Disputing/dispute-settlingS1430 - settlement of dispute between Hathored 3 & Wulfheard 3

Scholarly Info
Description Settlement of a dispute between Hathored 3, bishop, and Wulfheard 3, son of Cussa 1, concerning land at Inkberrow and Bradley, Worcs.
Event Title Council of Chelsea (789)/
Year 789
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Date from Source 789


In the year of our Lord’s incarnation 789, indiction 12, − which is the 31st year of the reign of Offa, most mighty king of the Mercians, − an ecclesiastical council was held in the famous place which is called Chelsea; the two archbishops Jænberht and Hygeberht presiding, King Offa also taking part with all his chief men. There, among several other disputes, was one between Heathored the bishop and Wulfheard, son of Cussa, about the inheritance of Hemele and Duda, which after the death of their heirs, they assigned to Worcester: that is, Inkberrow and Bradley. Wulfheard wished to divert that land from the aforesaid church at Worcester, taking advantage of their ignorance, if he could. Then the bishop refuted him with these witnesses, who inscribe their names in this writing, with the witness of the synod; and said that it was not right for him to give it after himself to any other than to the aforesaid city, − that is, Worcester. And, on account of the prayer and love of those who had acquired this land, and had given it to the aforesaid church, they, the elders of that church, consented that he should keep it, and have it for his life. Then the archbishop with all the provincial bishops made an end and reconciled them, so that Wulfheard should possess the land as long as he lived, and that after he walked the way of his fathers the lands and the charters with them should be returned without any contradiction thither, to the church of Worcester, where rest the bodies of Hemele and Dudda.

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