Event: Killing/murderEdwin 2-Osfrith 1.killing by Cadwallon 1 and Penda 1

Scholarly Info
Description Edwin 2 was slain [E: by Cadwallon 1 and Penda 1 at Hatfield on 2 ides of October (= 14 October). Osfrith 1 was also slain with him.]
Year 633
Primary Source Info
Original Text E: ... wear­ ... ofslagan fram Cadwallan 7 Pendan on He­felda ... eac man sloh ... Osfri­ mid him.
Date from Source 633 EF(OE and Lat.); E: 2 ides of October [= 14 October]


*Although MS A briefly mentions the killing, the syntax and the verb employed differs from E. MS F uses the same wording as E but then follows A for the remainder of the annal.

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