Event: Journey, RequestOffa 5-Cenred 2-Ecgwine 1.journey to Rome

Scholarly Info
Description Offa 5 and Cenred 2 asked Ecgwine 1 to go with them to Rome.
Year 709
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*There are various problems with the information given by Byrhtferth in this section of his work. In particular, he says that Cenred 2 came back from Rome, whereas the Liber Pontificalis states that both Cenred 2 and Offa 5 died in Rome. See @Lapidge 1979a, 'Byrhtferth and the Vita S. Ecgwini', in Medieval Studies, 41 (1979), pp. 331-53, at p. 344. *The date of the journey is given in Bede.HE v.19, although Ecgwine 1 is not mentioned at all by Bede.

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