Event: Council-meeting, ecclesiastical, Grant and Gift, Message-sending, ReportingCenred 2-others.synod of Alcester

Scholarly Info
Description Cenred 2 summoned a council at Alcester. All the leading men and 'duces' (Anonymi 1486) met there. He reported about the outcome of the trip to Rome and the privilege of freedom granted to Evesham. He also ordered the letter to be shown and read out. All the people who were present agreed.
Primary Source Info
Original Text synodum
Date from Source after Cenred 2 had come back from Rome.


*The information on this synod is very suspicious. There are no earlier sources referring to the same event and according to the Liber Pontificalis Cenred 2 died in Rome, so that he could not have summoned a synod after his journey there. See @Lapidge 1979a, 'Byrhtferth and the Vita S. Ecgwini', in Medieval Studies, 41 (1979), pp. 331-53.

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