Event: Healing, Message-sending, Miracle, Pilgrimage, Praying, VisitAnonymous 526.visit to Swithhun 5ís tomb

Scholarly Info
Description Anonymous 526 went to Swithhun 5's tomb and prayed that God might reveal to him such a man as could deliver Swithhun 5's message to Eadsige 8. As he was getting up Anonymous 526, sensing some relief to his illness, realised that his prayer had been heard. Anonymous 526 also seized one of the six rings fixed on the lid of Swithhun 5's tomb, asking God to prove whether he had really had three visions of Swithhun 5. The ring immediately came towards him out of the block of stone.
Year 968
Primary Source Info
Date from Source after Anonymous 526 had had three visions of Swithhun 5

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