Event: Ascetic practices/fasting/resisting temptation, Conversation, HealingSwithhun 5.post-mortem healing of Anonymous 529

Scholarly Info
Description When Anonymi 1497 came to take Anonymous 529 to the New Minster, he asked to be taken to the Old Minster instead. He spent three nights and days there in prayer and fasting. Then, Swithhun 5 appeared to him again and ordered him to urge a little blind woman (Anonymous 530), who was sleeping close to his tomb, to go home. Anonymous 529 saw a man of marvelous height held in his hand a golden rope, with which he lowered his folded tunic. It reached Swithhun 5's shrine and went into the tomb. Then, the entire area of the tomb trembled and Anonymous 529 was healed.
Year 971
Primary Source Info
Date from Source July, shortly before Swithhun 5's translation


Before the translation fo Swithhun 5, eight diseased persons were cured at his tomb in a fortnight.

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