Event: Hiding/harbouring/sanctuary, Miracle, PrayingSwithhun 5.post-mortem miracle of invisible transportation of Anonymous 549

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Description When Anonymous 552 found out that Anonymous 549 had met her previous master (Anonymous 550), she ordered Anonymous 549 to be bound up in shackles. On the following day Anonymous 549 went outside as best as she could and sat near the house. She turned herself in the direction of the church where Swithhun 5 was buried and started to pray. Then she saw a venerable man who took her in a split second to the saint's tomb. She was deposited in the sanctuary which was kept under lock and key. Eadsige 8 noticed Anonymous 549 and asked her how she had got there. She first said that she had been taken there by a cleric (Eadwald 1) that she saw there. Then, she told the entire story and everybody understood that the miracle had been performed through the merits of Swithhun 5.
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