Event: Execution, Imprisonment, Interrogation, Miracle, Pilgrimage, Reporting, Theft/attempted theftSwithhun 5.post-mortem intercession for liberation of Anonymous 559

Scholarly Info
Description Anonymous 559 was given four sheaves of wheat by Anonymi 1517 without the permission of the royal steward (Anonymous 560). When the latter found Anonymous 559 with the wheat, he asked him where he had got it from. As Anonymous 559 did not want to impute the theft to a friend, Anonymous 560 ordered him to be bound in shackles until he could first be flogged to the point of death and afterwards beheaded. While in prison Anonymous 559 asked the guards for a knife with which to trim his fingernails and after having prayed for Swithhun 5's intercession, he used the knife to cut through the huge beam. He managed to break away the iron mass of the spike, reached the door, grasped the lock and it came away as if there were no bolt. He then went to the tomb of Swithhun 5 and reported his story to the monks of that place.
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The implication of Anonymous 559's going to the tomb of Swithhun 5 is that he went for sanctuary (See @Lapidge 2003, p. 316, note 255)

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