Event: Eating, Healing, Intercession/mediation, Meeting, Pilgrimage, ReportingSwithhun 5.post-mortem healing of Anonymous 561

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Description Anonymous 561 left from the remoter parts of England led by Anonymous 562 to go to Winchester, hoping to be healed by Swithhun 5. When they were nearly three miles far from the town they stopped to rest for a while. Anonymous 562 was hungry and insisted that they should break their fast and eat before reaching Winchester. In the meantime they met some pilgrims (Anonymi 1519), who were on their way to Winchester. When Anonymous 561 realised that they had stopped near to a stone, he began to pray for Swithhun 5's intercession. He received his eyesight in that place, looked up and saw Winchester not far from there. He went in haste to the relics of Swithhun 5 and reported to the monks of that place (Anonymi 1520) how he had been cured.
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