Event: Council-meeting, ecclesiastical, Easter-observance, RetirementWilfrid 2.Synod of Whitby

Scholarly Info
Description Clerics (Anonymi 307) and others gathered at Streuneshalgh to consider the proper date for observing Easter. Colmán 1 was told that he must retire and leave his see if he could not accept the tonsure and method of keeping Easter, which he did.
Event Title Council of Whitby (664)/
Primary Source Info
Original Text ... omnes ... ecclesiasticae disciplinae gradus simul in unum conuenientes in coenobio, quod Streuneshalgh dicitur, ... de paschali ratione conquirebant.... Tempus datum est Colmano episcopo primum ... reddere rationem.... Imperatum est ... Wilfritho ...
Date from Source When Colmán 1 was bishop of York and Oswiu 1 and Ealhfrith 1 were reigning

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