Event: Journey, SkirmishingWilfrid 2.escape from attack

Scholarly Info
Description Wilfrid 2 and his party, driven ashore in a storm, managed successfully to repulse attacks on them by the South Saxons (Anonymi 313) and escaped on their ship to Sandwich.
Primary Source Info
Original Text Nauigantibus quoque eis de Gallia Britannicum mare, ... canentibus clericis et psallentibus laudem Dei ... albescentia undarum culmina in regionem Australium Saxonum ... proiecerunt eos. .... [T]unc mare redundans ... eleuataque naue, cimba processit in
Date from Source A space of time after Wilfrid 2's consecration as bishop in Gaul.


The date is indicated in Chap. 12.

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