Event: Assembly, Church/monastery/minster foundation/dedication/restorationÆthelwold 1.consecration of Old Minster

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Description Æthelwold 1 laid out, constructed, enriched, and then consecrated the Old Minster in the presence of Æthelred 32. Several bishops followed the king: Dunstan 1, Æthelwold 1, Ælfstan 39, Æthelgar 8, Ælfstan 38, Æscwig 3, Ælfheah 36, Æthelsige 13 and Æthulf 3. There were many other bishops as well, and nobles and ealdormen as well as the great majority of the English royal thegns (Anonymi 1599).
Year 980
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Original Text ... sacrauit


*In the edition (p. 377) Lapidge states that the reconstructed Old Minster was first dedicated on 20 October 980. All the people listed as participants are said by Wulfstan to have celebrated the dedication, praised the Lord and to have rejoiced in the sumptuous delights provided by Æthelwold 1. Wulfstan states that never had so great and lavish a church-dedication taken place in all of England.

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