Event: Assembly, Church/monastery/minster foundation/dedication/restoration, Liturgical celebrationÆlfheah 44-others.second dedication of Old Minster

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Description The dedication of the Old Minster was carried out [Ælfheah 44] according to liturgical rite and celebrated with appropriate ceremony. Eight noble prelates consecrated the minster to the Lord.
Year 993 x 994
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*The first dedication had taken place on 20 October 980 at the instigation of Æthelwold 1 after the foundations for the extensive building works had been laid. Lapidge notes (p. 390) that this second dedication presumably followed the completion of the works under Ælfheah 44. Wulfstan does not give the exact date of this second dedication, but Lapidge states that it must have taken place between the accession of Bishop Wulfsige 36 of Sherborne in 993 and the death of Archbishop Sigeric 9 on 28 October 994. Lapidge also notes that Æthelred 32 and the witan were not present at the ceremony of Ælfheah 44 and thus it may have been an ecclesiastical affair.

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