Event: Dreaming/seeing vision/revelation, Message-sending, VisitAnonymous 526.vision of Swithhun 5

Scholarly Info
Description One night Swithhun 5 appeared to a smith (Anonymous 526) in a dream and addressed him with kindly words. Swithhun 5 asked Anonymous 526 if he knew a certain canon (Eadsige 8) who had been expelled from the Old Minster by King Edgar. Swithhun 5 then demanded that the smith (Anonymous 526) deliver a message to Eadsige 8. Anonymous 526 was to tell Eadsige 8 to go quickly to the town of Winchester and command the bishop, who at that time occupied the bishopric, to elevate Swithhun 5's body from its tomb and place it inside the holy church. The smith (Anonymous 526) replied that he thought Eadsige 8 would be unwilling to believe him. Swithhun 5 said that in order for Eadsige 8 to believe, he should visit Swithhun 5's tomb and pull up one ring of the six rings which the covering of the sepulchre holds fast. If the ring could be pulled away at once, then this was proof that Swithhun 5 had sent the smith (Anonymous 526) to speak to Eadsige 8.
Year 968
Primary Source Info
Date from Source three years before the blessed bones of Swithhun 5 were translated.


*As Lapidge notes (p. 413), Wulfstan bases his account on c.1 of Lantfred's 'Translatio et miracula S. Swithuni'.

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