Event: Culting/venerating saint(s), Healing, Illness/demonic seizure/madness, Miracle, Pilgrimage, Praying, VisitAnonymous 526.visit to Swithhun 5ís tomb

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Description The smith (Anonymous 526) experienced such great pain in his entire body that he could not travel on foot nor by horseback. The smith (Anonymous 526) therefore went to Swithhun 5's tomb and beseeched the Lord to show him some man who would be willing to take the holy message of Swithhun 5 to the place where Eadsige 8 lived. After he had finished his prayer, he regained some strength and thus realised that the Lord had heard his prayer. In order to prove that Swithhun 5 had appeared to him three times in dreams, the smith (Anonymous 526) attempted to draw up one of the six rings as Swithhun 5 had predicted to him. Anonymous 526 was able to draw up the ring with only slight effort.
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