Event: Animal-tending, Dreaming/seeing vision/revelation, Illness/demonic seizure/madnessAnonymous 529.vision of three women

Scholarly Info
Description Anonymous 529 went to see his horses who were grazing by the water-course which flows by the walls of the city of Winchester. After he had fallen asleep, he set out on his journey back to home, but he suddenly saw two Furies who wore no clothing and were pitch-black with foul bodies. Anonymous 529 fled from the Furies but they pursued him. Suddenly a third emerged from behind the crest of a hill who was terrible in countenance and immense with a huge body and was unlike the earlier two in dress and countenance. Anonymous 529 was struck by a deadly blast of wind from this third woman's garment and fell to the ground, his right side suffering from a great affliction. He limped along until he arrived at the East Gate of Winchester which was dedicated in honour of St Michael.
Year 971
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Date from Source July

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