Event: Dreaming/seeing vision/revelation, Illness/demonic seizure/madness, PrayingAnonymous 529.vision of Swithhun 5

Scholarly Info
Description Anonymous 529 could take no rest due to the anguish which his great pain inflicted upon him. During the night a certain man resplendent in a snowy-white garment (Swithhun 5) came and visited Anonymous 529. Swithhun 5 was leaning on a staff which shone with jewels and gold and he drew near to where the tormented body of Anonymous 529 lay and spoke to him. Swithhun 5 told Anonymous 529 that if he wished to be cured, he should not allow himself to be carried into the New Minster but should instead be taken to the well-known cross which stood gleaming at the Old Minster, at the tomb of a venerable bishop. Swithhun 5 told Anonymous 529 that he was to keep constant vigil there during the night and be urgent in prayer and then, through Christ's favour, he would receive his former health.
Year 971
Primary Source Info
Date from Source At night, after Anonymous 529 had been taken to his own house by his kinsmen (Anonymi 1497)

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