Event: Ascetic practices/fasting/resisting temptation, Dreaming/seeing vision/revelation, Healing, Miracle, Praying, RequestSwithhun 5.post-mortem healing of Anonymous 529

Scholarly Info
Description When Anonymous 529's kinsmen (Anonymi 1497) approached him to take him to the New Minster, Anonymous 529 said that instead, he wanted to be taken to the Old Minster. Anonymous 529 kept vigil there for three days and three nights. Swithhun 5 appeared to Anonymous 529 with the same attire in which he was previously resplendent, when he had appeared to Anonymous 529 in a vision. Swithhun 5 asked Anonymous 529 to remove a blind woman (Anonymous 530) who lay sleeping at his tomb. When this had been done, Anonymous 529 merited to be aided by heavenly mercy. Anonymous 529 looked upwards and saw a man standing, gleaming, upon the summit of the tower in the western part of the church. The man held a golden rope in his hands, by means of which he lowered his bright tunic. The tunic entered the tomb of Swithhun 5 and no-one saw it again. Anonymous 529 was overcome with sudden sleep; as he snatched some rest, the entire tomb shook and, in his vision, someone came to the sick man and, pulling on one side, tugged his weak leg and so restored his limbs to their proper musculature.
Year 971
Primary Source Info
Date from Source In July, shortly before the translation of Swithhun 5.


*After this paralytic (Anonymous 529) had been cured, eight men and more sought their health at the tomb of Swithhun 5 in the space of a fortnight before he was translated.

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