Event: Ascetic practices/fasting/resisting temptation, Assembly, Culting/venerating saint(s), Liturgical celebration, Relics-incorrupt preservation/placing in reliquary/requesting/translating, Tomb-making/openingĘthelwold 1.preparation for translation of Swithhun 5

Scholarly Info
Description Ęthelwold 1 went to visit Edgar 11 to gain his permission for the translation so that it might be more openly celebrated and declared in more solemn fashion to the English people. Edgar 11 was well-disposed towards Ęthelwold 1 and told him to return quickly and hasten to translate Swithhun 5. On Sunday, 9 July 971, Ęthelwold 1 administered mass to the people. At the end he called together all the people there (Anonymi 1613) and requested that they observe a three-day fast for God so that they could be found worthy to translate Swithhun 5 from his tomb into the church. The entire populace agreed and wished to follow the precepts of Ęthelwold 1, their teacher. The fourth day of the week (Wednesday) came to be the first on which the fast was decreed for the devout populace. On the third day (Friday 14 July) the fast was broken and all rejoiced in the Lord for the coming of the solemnities of Swithhun 5.
Year 971
Primary Source Info
Date from Source On the Ides of July, in the fourteenth indiction.


*Lapidge (p. 449) notes that this event is not found in Lantfred's 'Translatio et miracula S. Swithuni'. It is of exceptional interest as it provides an eye-witness account of the translation of a saint's relics.

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