Event: Healing, PrayingSwithhun 5.post-mortem healing of Anonymous 594

Scholarly Info
Description A woman (Anonymous 595) brought her son to the tomb of Swithhun 5. The fingers of the son (Anonymous 594) were twisted back across his palm on each hand. Having faith, Anonymous 595 cast Anonymous 594 upon the tomb from which Swithhun 5 had been translated. She (Anonymous 595) continued in prayer when suddenly her son (Anonymous 594) jumped up and demonstrated that he had been cured by snatching cherries from the hands of his mother (Anonymous 595).
Year 971
Primary Source Info
Date from Source The very day of the translation of Swithhun 5


*This event is not in Lantfred's 'Translatio et miracula S.Swithuni'. *The miracle became known as its report flew through town.

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