Event: Culting/venerating saint(s), Healing, Horse-using/giving/acquisition/riding, Illness/demonic seizure/madnessSwithhun 5.post-mortem healing of Anonymous 535

Scholarly Info
Description He (Anonymous 535) believed he would be cured if he could rest before the tomb of Swithhun 5. He summoned his kinsmen (Anonymi 1501) and begged them to place him on a litter and take him to Swithhun 5. Before the sick man (Anonymous 535) could even finish his speech he regained his strength and jumped up from the bed. He raced to the tomb of Swithhun 5 at such a pace that his kinsmen could hardly follow him on horseback.
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*As Lapidge notes (p. 469), this chapter is based on chapter 7 of Lantfred's 'Translatio et miracula S. Swithuni'.

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