Event: Healing, Illness/demonic seizure/madness, Praying, Promise, RequestSwithhun 5.post-mortem healing of Anonymous 537

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Description Anonymous 537 had a serious illness. As she was about to die, she made a vow to God and to Swithhun 5 that if she should receive any relief from him, she would immediately bring gifts of vast treasure and keep vigil for one night at his holy tomb; she immediately obtained her health. However, she did not fulfill her vows. Thus, while she was attending a wedding with her husband (Anonymous 538), she suddenly fell ill again. She once more beseeched Swithhun 5 to help her and she asked her attendants (Anonymi 1620) to quickly carry her to the town of Winchester. She gave prayers during the night and on the following night she received the cure which she had previously lost.
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*As Lapidge notes (p. 471), this chapter is based on chapter 9 in Lantfred's 'Translatio et miracula S. Swithuni'.

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