Event: Dreaming/seeing vision/revelation, ReportingAnonymous 603.vision of Swithhun 5

Scholarly Info
Description Swithhun 5 was aggrieved that Anonymi 1621 had ignored the commands of Ęthelwold 1. Swithhun 5 therefore appeared in a dream to Anonymous 603 and told her to command Ęthelwold 1 to order his monks (Anonymi 1621) not to cease praising the Lord every time a sick person was healed at the tomb of Swithhun 5. When Anonymous 603 awoke, she summoned Ęthelwold 1 and told him everything she had seen in her dream.
Primary Source Info
Date from Source A fortnight had passed from the time when the monks (Anonymi 1621) had stopped obeying the orders of Ęthelwold 1.

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