Event: Culting/venerating saint(s), Healing, Pilgrimage, PrayingSwithhun 5.post-mortem healing of Anonymi 1509

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Description Anonymi 1509 had heard of the favours of God which were accomplished through Swithhun 5 in Winchester. Therefore, they left their homes and hastened to see Swithhun 5. When they were in the presence of Swithhun 5, they begged the Lord to grant them his accustomed aid and immediately they were cured. They returned home and gave thanks to the Lord.
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*As Lapidge notes (p. 489), this chapter is based on chapter 19 of Lantfred's 'Translatio et miracula S. Swithuni'. *This chapter concludes Book 1 of Wulfstan's 'Narratio metrica de S. Swithuno'.

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