Event: Assembly, Culting/venerating saint(s), Healing, Liturgical celebration, Relics-incorrupt preservation/placing in reliquary/requesting/translatingEdgar 11.second translation of Swithhun 5

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Description Edgar 11 dispatched Anonymi 1629 with the new shrine and ordered them into the service of Swithhun 5. Anonymi 1632 were to join the celebration by proceeding barefoot over three miles. Anonymi 1632 did indeed proceed barefoot and when they saw Anonymi 1629 they rejoiced at meeting them. When Anonymi 1632 spied the distinguished shrine they fell to the ground and worshipped Swithhun 5; then, they followed the feretory and returned to the town. Anonymi 1631 could be heard singing and clapping. Anonymi 1629 and Anonymi 1632 arrived together through the western gate of Winchester and immediately Anonymous 613 approached the crowd of people. After Anonymous 613 had been cured, Swithhun 5 was carried into the holy church in celebration and Ęthelwold 1 placed the shrine upon the altar. Then, the entire day was spent in songs and praise and Anonymi 1629 returned to the service of Edgar 11.
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