Event: Intercession/mediation, Liturgical celebration, MiracleSwithhun 5.post-mortem miracles

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Description No-one could put a number on the miracles which took place every hour of the day through heavenly intercession at Swithhun 5's tomb. Even when the monks (Anonymi 1607) were eating, there were often fifteen or sixteen people cured at once; without delay the monks would abandon their food and chant a hymn to the Lord in harmonious voices. Often too, while the young oblates (Wulfstan 37 includes himself as one of these) were together in class, they were not able to learn anything in a day because of the abundance of miracles.
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*Lapidge (p. 505) notes that these lines have no correlate in Lantfred. Lapidge also draws attention to Wulfstan 37's personal observation that he was an oblate at the time.

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