Event: Deposition of bishop, ReportingWilfrid 2.ejection from York in a synod

Scholarly Info
Description Wilfrid 2's petition to Agatho 2, described how Theodore 1 had consecrated three bishops (Anonymi 331) in spite of Wilfrid 2 opposition.
Primary Source Info
Original Text [Q]uidam mei episcopatus inuasores ... in conuentu Theodori ... aliorumque tunc temporis cum eo conuenientium antistitum sedem, quam per decem et eo amplius annos ... dispensabam ... eripere moliti sunt; et in eadem sede subsedere; et non solum unum, sed
Date from Source At least ten years after Wilfrid 2 became bishop.


*This Event is the same as Events 70, 71

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