Event: Conspiracy/intent to murder, Message-sending, RefusalAnonymi 338.conspiracy to have Perctarit 1 seize Wilfrid 2

Scholarly Info
Description Enemies (Anonymi 338) sent messengers (Anonymi 345) to ask Perctarit 1 to seize Wilfrid 2, promising him very great gifts if he did so. He refused to.
Primary Source Info
Original Text 'De Brittannia inimici tui nuntios ad me mittens, suis sermonibus salutantes me et dona mihi maxima promittentes, si te angarizem et ad apostolicam sedem tendentem retinerem. Quibus tam nefariam rem renuens...'
Date from Source The year after Wilfrid 2 left Britain to appeal to the Apostolic See against his deposition from York.


*The text implies that the messengers (Anonymi 345) were received in advance of the arrival of Wilfrid 2's party.

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