Event: Confirmation of land/privileges, Papal advice/audience/decision/privilege, RequestAgatho 2.letter to Æthelred 2, Theodore 1 and Seaxwulf 1

Scholarly Info
Description Following Æthelred 2's request, the Agatho 2 sent a privilege for the monastery of Medeshamstede (Peterborough)
Year 680
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*The church was to be free frome very secular obligation or canon. It was also freed from the control of the diocesan bishop. Furthermore, the monastery was assigned the dignity of the 'peregrinatio Romana' for those who could not reach Rome because of the distance. *The text of Æthelred's charter, that follows, the papal letter, refers to the fact that the privilege would have been brought to England by Wilfrid. (See relevant data-entry for the charter, S72)

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