Event: Church/monastery/minster foundation/dedication/restoration, Correspondence, Council-meeting, ecclesiastical, Grant and Gift, Papal advice/audience/decision/privilege, ReportingConstantine 1.letter to Beorhtwald 6

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Description Constantine 1 wrote to Beorhtwald 6 concerning the vision of Ecgwine 1 and the latter's journey to Rome together with Offa 3 and Cenred 2. While in Rome, at the presence of the Pope, Cenred 2 and Offa 3 granted him many estates in the area where he had had the vision, so that he could found a monastery there. Constantine 1 also told Beorhtwald 6 to gather a council of all the bishops, clergy and noblemen to approve the privilege issued for Ecgwine 1 by Offa 3 and Cenred 2.
Year 709
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