Event: Baptism, GodparentingÆthelred 32.sponsorship of Olaf 5 at baptism

Scholarly Info
Description The king [sc. Æthelred 32] took him [sc. Olaf 5] from the hand of the bishop (Anonymous 805).
Year 991 x 993
Primary Source Info
Original Text A: ... hine nam se cing syððan to bisceopes handa ...
Date from Source 993 A, <991> G: after peace had been made


*The name of the officiating bishop (Anonymous 805) is not given. *On this event see Joseph H. Lynch, Christianizing Kinship: Ritual Sponsorship in Anglo-Saxon England (Ithaca and London: Cornell University Press, 1998), esp. p. 225. *A: This event was added in hand 7a in the left-hand margin according to @Bately 1986, p. 79 app. crit. 4. It does not appear in MS G.

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