Event: Charter-witnessing, Restoration of land/propertyS1291 - Eadwig 4 restoring land to Selsey 1

Scholarly Info
Description Beorhthelm 20, bishop, records the restoration to the bishopric and minster of Selsey 1 by King Eadwig 4 of lands fraudulently seized by Ælfsige 45. The lands recovered comprise 42 hides (tributarii) at Selsey, Wittering, Itchenor, Birdham, Egesawyda, Brinfast and Sidlesham, 7 hides (cassati) at Aldingbourne and Lidsey, 8 at [Amberley and] Houghton, 4 at Coldwaltham and 9 at (North) Mundham, all in Sussex
Year 957
Primary Source Info
Date from Source 957

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