Event: Church/monastery destruction, RaidingAnonymi 2155.laying waste of Mag Breg and many churches

Scholarly Info
Description The Saxons (Anonymi 2155) laid waste Mag Breg and many churches in the month of June.
Year 684
Primary Source Info
Original Text Saxones Campum Bregh uastant 7 aeclesias plurimas ...
Date from Source 684: June


*This was an expedition sent by Ecgfrith 4 according to Bede.HE.iv.26(24). It is also mentioned in ASC 684 E. On some of the wider implications see T. M. Charles-Edwards, Early Christian Ireland (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2000), pp. 432-3 and cf. pp. 417, 434-5 and 438. For the later churches of Brega see ibid., pp. 271-3.

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