Event: BattleAnonymi 2179.battle against the [Anglo-]Saxons (Anonymi 2178) and others

Scholarly Info
Description A battle was won by the Foreigners (Anonymi 2179) against the men of Alban (Anonymi 2176), the Britons (Anonymi 2177) and the [Anglo-]Saxons (Anonymi 2178).
Year 952
Primary Source Info
Original Text Cath ...
Date from Source 951 alias 952


*@Anderson 1922, p. 451 n. 4, comments: 'Skene thought this battle to have been one fought by Eric Blood-axe and the Scandinavians settled in Northumbria, against an invasion of Scots, Cumbrians, and Bernicians. But the evidence for this is meagre.'

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