Event: Killing/murderAnonymi 2242.killing of Æthelstan 55 and others

Scholarly Info
Description A number of named persons as well as many other good thegns [F(Lat.) has: the more noble of the East Angles] and countless people (Anonymi 2251) were killed there.
Year 1010
Primary Source Info
Original Text C: ... feala oþera godra þegna ...; F(Lat.): ... nobiliores Orientalium Anglorum ...
Date from Source 1010 CDEF(OE and Lat.)


*Florence correctly states the date as 5 May, as shown by the obit of Oswig 10 in an Ely calendar published by Bruce Dickins in Leeds Studies in English 6, pp. 14-24. *F(OE and Lat.) does not report the names of those killed.

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