Event: Hostage-giving/takingAnonymi 2275.supplying (presumed) of hostages (Anonymi 2276) to Swein 1

Scholarly Info
Description They [sc. the dwellers in the burh at Winchester (Anonymi 2275)] did the same [sc. gave hostages (Anonymi 2276) to Swein 1].
Year 1013
Primary Source Info
Original Text C: ... hi t ylce dydon.; F(OE): ... ba a burh ... gislodan ...; F(Lat.): ... utraque ciuitas dedit obsides ...
Date from Source 1013 CDEF(OE and Lat.)


*The place and place-type may be deduced from the context. *1013 F(OE) combines Swein 1's journeys to Oxford and Winchester and reports that 'both the burhs submitted and gave hostages'. 1013 F(Lat.) also combines his journeys but does not mention the submission of the two burhs.

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