Event: Appointment/consecration/elevation/ordination of king, Election of kingLeofric 49-Anonymi 2362-Anonymi 2363.selection of Harold 5 as regent

Scholarly Info
Description Leofric 49 and most of the thegns north of the Thames (Anonymi 2362) [E adds: and the shipmen in London (Anonymi 2363)] chose Harold 5 to hold all of England for himself and Harthacnut 1, who was among the people of Denmark [F(Lat.) substitutes: chose Harold 5 and Harthacnut 1 to govern England].
Year 1035
Primary Source Info
Original Text E: gecuron Harolde to healde ealles Englalandes; F(Lat.): elegerunt Haroldum et Hardecnut ... ad gubernandam Angliam.
Date from Source 1036 EF(OE and Lat.)

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